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Technology Designs Ethonomics LeadershipMagazine Newsletters SubscribeWork Smart: 4 Tips For StartupsBY Scott BelskySun Nov 13, 2011Most startups are not well led–that’s the nature of most new business ventures, everyone is learning as they go along. But there are some common best practices to keep in mind, which I describe in this week’s episode.

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Startup Ecosystems

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Startup Ecosystems

by andy on April 9, 2010

If you are a startup entrepreneur, there is nothing more important than figuring out the startup ecosystems that Startup ecosystemcan help you succeed. I have found there are two categories of ecosystem that are the most important to explore and integrate with.

1) Local startup ecosystem. Your local ecosystem is simply the people that live in your city, or in the case of the Bay Area, your region.

2) Online startup ecosystem. A number of online resources provide a wealth of information for budding entrepreneurs. I’ll list several top resources later in this post.

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12 Tips for Customer Development Interviews (revised) —

12 Tips for Customer Development Interviews (revised)

by Giff on July 29, 2011

A year ago, I gave a talk at the very first Lean Startup Machine about giving customer development interviews. Tomorrow, I am doing the same with a new batch of LSM warriors and I have revised and updated my list (and accompanying text) as follows:

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Startup Genome – Research Findings

Most successful startups pivot at least once. Startups that pivot once or twice raise 2.5x more money, have 3.6x better user growth, and are 52 percent less likely to scale prematurely than startups that pivot more than two times or not at all. A pivot is when a startup decides to change a major part of its business.

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Robert Scoble – Google+ – Why I’m treating startups more critically lately I’ve…

I’ve noticed that lately I’m treating startups much more critically. Today I chewed into an entrepreneur who was pitching me a new thing that was sort of like Oink, or maybe it was Foursquare, or maybe it was Foodspotting.

It’s the third company I’ve told off lately.

I figured it was worth talking about why I’m being so harsh behind closed doors to entrepreneurs lately.

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