Innovation Unbound: Changing innovation locus, changing policy focus

This publication intends to draw some key insights from all the work carried throughout INNO-GRIPS project.

The study explores some of the many ways in which innovation and innovation processes are changing in the twenty-first century. We have seen changes in the locus of innovation – who conducts it, how, and where? This goes beyond the very important developments associated with the rise of emergent economies as innovation actors. New approaches to organising innovation have also been arising, and despite much hyperbole about, for instance, “open innovation”, there is certainly a range of methods for managing and coordinating research, development, design, and implementation processes. We have seen changes in the focus of innovation. This is highlighted by such terms as user- and society-driven innovation, the rise of interest in service and social innovation, and by attention to innovation that can help us address the Grand Challenges that confront us.

via PRO INNO Europe: INNO-Grips.