Sweet Tweet connects Uniform to its followers | How-Do

Uniform in Liverpool has come up with an innovation to connect its Twitter feed to the office – a sweet dispenser which operates every time the agency gets a new follower.

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Dead? Social Media’s Explosive Growth is Only Beginning

The Instrumentation of Everyday Life

One way to understand engagement with social networks is not just time on site, but data provided as input. Mark Zuckerberg sees it this way, he argues that the amount of information people share doubles every year.

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Ubiquitous Computing – Beyond Mobility: Everywhere and Everything | Tata Consultancy Services

Ubiquitous computing, though evolving, is promising and cannot be ignored. This next wave in technology will forever change the way we interact with machines. Not only will we be connected always, from everywhere, but we are approaching a time where smart devices will take actions by predicting user inputs.

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The Daily Internet of Things

The Daily Internet of Things.

Rather than ask people to integrate bulky or intrusive sensors into their lives, GreenGoose’s upcoming system (pre-orders start on Dec. 15; systems ship on Jan. 1) will instead provide small stickers with built-in Internet-connected sensors. Tip a water bottle and the attached GreenGoose sticker logs it through a small base station that plugs into your wireless router. Feed the dog, go for a walk, clean the house — GreenGoose has designs on all of it. No special skills required.


hanging rope inputs

Dilemmabox brings tactile upvoting

by Mike Szczys

Here’s a fun art installation which you might run into downtown. It’s called the Dilemmabox and lets you pull a rope to up or down vote a question. [Christoffer Lorang Dahl] realized that touchscreens are wiping out a lot of really fun user interfaces of yore. He incorporated the two hanging rope inputs as an homage to doorbell ropes.

The built process works much like a laptop-to-digital photo frame conversion. The first step is to liberate the LCD screen from the laptop body. Both are housed in a wooden box, with a window cut out to show the screen. The mechanically clever part is the rope pulls. They’re both just pressing a key on the keyboard in a roundabout sort of way. [Christoffer] attached a smooth hemispherical piece to two keys. The ropes are connected to wooden levers which are held in place by springs. They rub on the hemispheres just enough when passing by to register a keypress.

The photo above was taken during the Dilemmabox’s brief appearance at a shopping plaza in Oslo.

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