Health 2.0’s Boston Big-Data Code-a-thon

Health 2.0’s Boston Code-a-thon, is a coding competition designed around using big-data to build exciting new applications and tools to improve health care. This year, we’re hosting the event in conjunction with our annual spring conference, Spring Fling: Matchpoint Boston, which is focused on getting entrepreneurial teams from “big ideas” to the negotiating table with established health care leaders.

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Beyond Digital Health Manchester 2011

MIDAS is extremely pleased to announce the inaugural Beyond Digital Health Manchester 2011 event, at the prestigious Bridgewater Hall in Manchester.

With NHS budgets falling and demographic pressures on services increasing, the areas of eHealth, mHealth, personalised medicine and remote diagnostics are attracting increasing interest as solutions that could potentially transform the delivery of healthcare whilst keeping budgets in balance, Beyond Digital Health Manchester 2011 will take a look at these technologies from the perspective of businesses, investors, policy makers and service deliverers, emphasising the potential for collaboration between businesses and researchers and across sectors. Industry players and innovative SMEs will demonstrate their work, and relate their view of opportunities in this market. Universities and public bodies such as the Technology Strategy Board will highlight sources of funding for further research and development.

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Music Hack Day NYC Winners: Invisible Instruments, Crowdsourced DJs and More |

What happens if you take a couple hundred programmers and hackers and fuel them with caffeine, pizza, beer and Wifi for an entire weekend? The Music Hack Day series, which stopped off in New York City this past weekend, attempts to find out.

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PervasiveHealth 2012 – Call for Workshops

Useful to see the broad areas that the KB are researching in this area

  • Frameworks and Standards for Pervasive e-Health
  • Design and Implementation of e-health Systems
  • Reliability evaluation of Pervasive e-Health systems
  • Wearable and Implantable Sensors for Pervasive e-Health
  • Smart Sensors Protocols for e-Health
  • Tele-Medicine & Tele-Healthcare Systems,
  • System Architecture and Networking protocols for e-Health systems
  • Activity and Context Recognition for HealthCare applications
  • Data Fusion and Context elaboration in Pervasive HealthCare Environments
  • Challenges surrounding Data Mining and Data Quality in Pervasive HealthCare
  • Privacy and Security issues in HealthCare
  • Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems in Pervasive e-Health
  • Virtual reality approaches for rehabilitation
  • Human Computer Interaction, usability and acceptability for Pervasive e-Health systems
  • Home Monitoring and Ambient Assisted applications for HealthCare
  • Social implications of Pervasive HealthCare Technology
  • Users Modeling and Personalization in Mobile e-Health
  • Therapeutic Serious Games

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Full-day Running Lean Workshop by Ash Maurya – Lean Startup London (London, England) – Meetup

November 9, 2011 9:00 AM – 16 attended

Full-day Running Lean Workshop by Ash Maurya

Ash Maurya (@ashmaurya) is praised for offering some of the best and most practical advice out there for entrepreneurs. He challenges the notion that start-ups should plan based on gut, intuition and luck. Instead he applies a systematic process for rigorously stress testing your “Plan A” until you achieve a plan that works.

The workshop will go deep into such key questions and challenges as:

How do I vet new product ideas? How do I document my business model? How do I find early customers? How do I systematically test my business model? How do I build and measure what customers want?

This hands-on workshop is designed for those who want to raise their odds for building successful products. The audience includes early-stage tech entrepreneurs, Corporate /SME’s introducing new online products, or CEO’s, CTO’s, Innovation mangers or Consultants who service the online market

It is an interactive session. Bring a laptop with you.

Copy of Running Lean included

You will receive a pdf copy of Ash Maurya’s book: Running Lean and early-access to the companion business model validation tool: Lean Canvas.

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Culture Hack North 2011 – Hack day

What is a Culture Hack?

Culture Hack is an opportunity for cultural organisations to make digital prototypes and develop new networks within the technology and creative industries.

The cultural and arts organisations will provide datasets and ‘problems’ for the digital people to play with and respond to.

Register for one of these tickets if you want to take part in the Hack – whether you’re a developer, designer, producer, writer. This ticket will also get you into the talks strand, running from 2pm on the Saturday. If you want to see the kinds of things people have made at previous events, visit

If you just want to attend the talks, then you need to register separately – visit to sign up for a ticket.

The first Culture Hack North will take place over the weekend of the 12-13 November 2011 at Old Broadcasting House in Leeds.

In the meantime, if you’ve got any questions or would like to get involved you can contact us via @CultureHack_N or

Previous Culture Hack events have taken place in Edinburgh and London.

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