Open Data Sets

Open GLAM.

Linked Open Data is getting more attention from the information world, as well as from memory institutions. But what exactly is it and more important, why is it a good thing? To explain this, Europeana  has released an animation.

Linked Open Data from europeana on Vimeo.


Four kinds of hack | Culture Hack Scotland

At #chs11 event, as part of the set-up to help people think about what sort of projects they might be interested in doing, we spoke about there being four kinds of hack. It was a fairly arbitrary classification but many people found it to be quite useful so here it is:

Beautiful (visualisations, sonifications, creative work) [award-winner]

Useful (apps, tools and services which have clear user or business benefit) [award-winner]

Playful (games, toys, comedy things) [award-winner]

Placeful (apps which use geo-location as a key feature) [award-winner]

And while there were many judge’s favourites at the event which – you can browse the amazing outputs in the CHS showcase – there were four grandmaster projects which were classified as per the above. And you can see them by clicking the links above.

via Four kinds of hack | Culture Hack Scotland.

Future Of Real-Time: Human Sensor Networks @PSFK

An increasing number of personal technologies are equipped with sensors that have the capacity to collect geographically- tagged data while people simply go about their daily routines. Phones, laptops and cars equipped with sensors such as GPS receivers and accelerometers can collect, share and analyze this data in real-time. This passive feedback system requires minimal infrastructure and transforms people into sensory nodes with little effort on their part.

via Future Of Real-Time: Human Sensor Networks @PSFK.