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Last thursday the opening of ‘The animated Gif exhibition’ took place in Antwerp. It was a nice evening with lots of people, short conversations, a band, finger food and drinks, some speeches and a lot of gifs. Crap = Good presented the ‘Animated gif player’, a device, like its name suggests, capable of playing .gif file formats.

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Crank it!

analogue-digital video player

analogue-digital video player sketch

I was thinking I could make a device that displayed digital films but that had to be accessed through analogue means. So you’d crank the handle to move the film along – handle as movie slider.

Effort would speed up/slow down the film. Possibly on release it begin to wind backward.

So to turn a rotating action (potentiometer?) into a fixed linear value (length of movie). A small screen in a crafted body with a handle that can access a film on a flash drive/youtube.

A screen embedded in a small box – see Hazel White’s Hamfarer’s Kist – with handle on the side to control position in the film.