Dealer Chic

DEALER-CHIC | Consumers have always loved getting good deals or exclusive rewards, but rather than having to hide one’s haggling, securing the best deal is now accepted, if not admired by one’s fellow consumers. Deal hunting will continue to be an integral part of consumers’ lives, as it’s now about more than just saving money: it’s the thrill, the pursuit, the control, and the perceived smartness, and thus a source of status too.

To promote the launch of its Regent Street, London store, Japanese fashion retailer Uniqlo installed the Uniqlo Happy Machine. At various times, the machine would release certain items at heavily discounted prices.

In August 2011, the daily deal site Living Social offered passengers in a London taxi the choice of continuing to their destination, or a surprise experience determined by the roll of a die. Experiences included cookery classes and nature visits.

via’s November 2011 Trend Briefing covering the consumer trend “DEALER-CHIC”.


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